• Karen Moonbow

A Cosmic Perspective on Covid-19: Control, Release and Re-birth

Updated: Apr 8

One of the most frequently-asked questions during astrology sessions is: what does it mean?

At present, so many of our brains and throats are raising this question. Food stores are emptying—what does it mean? Small businesses are limiting engagement or closing entirely—what does it mean? Governments are advising us to stay home, and it’s been months since Covid-19 made not just headlines but serious impact upon the lives and deaths of thousands…and there is still no certain or known cure—what does this all mean?

March 11 was the date that the WHO characterized the virus as a pandemic. This is also a date on which transiting Mars, the symbol for ambition, work, and survival was conjunct both Jupiter and Pluto in the archetype of Capricorn. Jupiter symbolizes expansion of anything knowledge-and-inclusion related; Pluto represents under-worldly transformation/re-birth that often comes in the form of terror, dis-ease, and inexplicable confusion that provides a platform only for the surrendering of our sense of control. In other words, a release of our understanding of the ways in which we have always previously carried on. 

To synthesize: consensus reality is being violently, powerfully deconstructed and revitalized via trauma, infection and a quest for the truth of how to survive when very few of us have direct context for what is happening…and even fewer of us, if any, know what is to come. Many have gotten sick and many have died; those of us with health-privilege are being asked to pioneer a new path for what we need to not just survive, but to evolve.

These conjunctions all occurred within an energetic presence that in astrology is called the eighth house—which has direct connection to pandemics and viruses themselves, to any extreme, as well as any kind of power-structure or illusion thereof. Saturn, close by and also in Capricorn, symbolizes tradition, financial responsibility, governments, restrictions and feelings/practices of isolation. 

Planetary influences reflect back exactly what we are moving through on the human level. Now, we are being shown exactly what in our structures does not serve our transformation. This applies to government, financial, and belief structures, our perpetual survival mode, and our compassion…or lack thereof.

On March 31, Saturn and Mars progressed into a new conjunction in the archetype of Aquarius, who prizes nothing more than radical transformation for the sake of including everyone in on a revolution. Pluto and Jupiter remain in Capricorn, though now in the sixth house of health and routine, still mightily co-informing on the changes that must transpire on foundational, mental and political levels if we are to heal and maintain a sense of centeredness.

Systems—governmental, natural or communal—are brainstorming, and eventually implementing, novel solutions so that the harmful impact of this virus is lessened…and ideally, soon prevented entirely. A new paradigm is undeniable.

Themes of responsibility of/for humanity vis a vis innovative solutions, like online meetings and offerings, non-traditional jobs and educations being maintained at home, and opportunity within chaos to practice release and internal inquiry will continue to run for the foreseeable future. Jupiter guides us here too in mental travel, when we cannot physically travel towards truth on a conventional retreat, vacation or in-person healing session. 

So. What does it mean?

Making tangible predictions, even using the sky as a soul-guide, is tricky. The stars are synergistic and so much of this information is conditional and works only in relation to the entire sky, not just one planet or one configuration or one date. What can be claimed accurately is that the cosmic intensity of the past few months is likely to continue through mid-May and even has a chance of being entirely revisited…soon.

April 10 brings a Mercurial shift, with the collective’s communication and comprehension moving from Pisces, a more emotional, contemplative and harmonious energy into Aries, a more direct and confrontational energy. One may interpret this change in the field as moving from emotional and trauma processing, to committing to defending our rights, battling if necessary for the sake of our survival and sense of purpose. 

This fiery energy, paired with the Sun’s shared warrior-like energy, better equips us for decisiveness, for solitude, for total understanding, for protecting our identities, and for purposefully finding meaning amid madness. 


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